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Noise Production?

Since 1987 Noise Production has been creating many kinds of electronic music and has helped a lot of different local people creating their music in Tampere. During the early years of existence, Noise Production consisted of two people, Mike "Not" Platinas and Droid, who left sometime around 1992 (Droid was also known as Jazzy 'O'). Afterwards Mike "Not" has collaborated as Noise Production with some people but has mostly worked alone.

In early 1990's Noise Production had it's own radio programme on radio station Radio 957 MHz, called Panic Zone. Typical programme lasted for 30 minutes and contained megamix of some style of current underground music. Programme was cancelled by Radio 957 MHz because of changes in their format.

After Droid Left, Mike started experimenting with his gear, producing a lot of different types of electronic music - experimental, acid, electro, industrial and so on. These few years brought him a lot of experience on production, engineering, mastering - very essential skills in years to come.

Since mid-to-late 1990's Noise Production has been busy with producing, engineering and remixing for multiple Finnish groups, like SchoolGirls, nuERA (and nuERA's Open Records -label), Petri Nygård, Suruaika and Kompleksi. For more in-depth view, Mr. Phinn of phinnweb interviewed Mike some years ago.

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